Sunday, April 01, 2007


i never was one for amassing great quantities of things. in fact, i am the exact opposite of a pack rat. i'd have to say i'm a chucker. then i started scrapping and all of that changed. now i find it hard to part with an eyelet (which i never use.) the one thing i've amassed quite a quantity of is buttons. i love them and can't seem to get enough - it's a sickness.
so hope you like my new blog header. shandy is really stretching us on these challenges.
i posted a ton of work this weekend in my scrapgal gallery - the link is in my link list if you want to see.
oh and my favorite poppy ink layout for the april kit is on the home page of the site! yay! add-on kits are still available and may pre-orders are being taken. heather has really expanded her inventory. go take advantage - you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

love the new header and I LOVE your poppy ink layout, how did you do that? please tell me you did not hand cut those!? beautiful!

Rachael said...

Love your header!!

I love that picture of your buttons!! It's so neat, how can you even dive in and take some out? LOLr

Kimberly said...

holy crap i love your new banner. and your pic of the buttons. so glad you're doing the blog challenge so i can come and read what you have to say. i'm nosey like that. :wink:

Shandy said...

hmmmm.. YUMMY!!!
that pic is soooooo cool! and loved your write up! LOL