Thursday, May 29, 2008

bad blogger

::via smashing magazine

yep that's me. i go through these "in a funk" phases where i think to myself no one is reading this blog anyway so why bother? horrible i know!

i promised you some links though and so i'm going to deliver!
  • do you see all that gorgeous texture above? smashing magazine had a texture contest and that lovely above won. the images are all free to use in projects - not sure how i could incorporate that into my art, but it could be interesting!
  • cool iron on coasters and you can use paper too!
  • how cool is this? i might just have to make one with xmas photos for the simple calls right now!
  • i'm a huge proponent of handmade cards - we all have scraps and leftovers after every project we do - so easy to whip out a card after every layout! think of the money you'd save. here's an idea for a five minute card.
  • oh my lovely stars!
  • try your hand at marbelizing paper - looks so easy! wouldn't it be cool to use a patterned paper as the base?
  • how cute is this little shelf made out of a yardstick?
  • ribbon rosettes - finally something new to do with all that ribbon i have bought and hoarded over the years!

enjoy the links. be sure to let me know if you try something how it worked out! :)

have a great rest of thursday!


Janet O. said...

Heh. If you've seen mine lately, you'll see that great minds think alike. Just can't do it!

Candice said...

Love the mini photo album & the colors of those fabrics are yummy.

You should totally submit that idea! It'd be cool to print digi scrapbook paper on some of the pages as well.

Keep blogging, I don't always post, but I read! :p

Anonymous said...

Love all that fun stuff! Love your links, baby.

Dina said...

Hey, now, I read your blog. :) Wau wau!!!

~Amie~ said...

you better keep a bloggin'- I'm your biggest fan :)
love all the linkies you find, fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I read it... I just stalk it and don't post comments! LOL

Sara Dickey said...

you are the link/research girl, you have to blog

have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

I love your linkey love posts! they make my day! Note to self: tell C this more often in bloggy comments!