Thursday, May 01, 2008

vinyl wall decals

::via danielle thompson's blog

when danielle thompson announced that she was leaving the scrapbook publishing world last year, a collective cry of "no!" could be heard ringing through the online scrapbooking world. she really contributed so much to this hobby - i believe she was the beginning of freestyle and a more art journal type feel to scrapbook pages. when danielle began to blog again i was excited, then i forgot to add her blog to my roll! yikes. a post showed up today on craftzine about these adorable handmade vinyl frames. aren't they the cutest? then i noticed i was on danielle's blog - made me happy!


doris sander said...

thanks for finding danielle for us again! :D

~Amie~ said...

those are too cute!

Patrice~ said...

amazing creations!
let's see, where could I put these . . . . ?

Emily Pitts said...

those are cute. i wish i had nice flat walls like that. i have orange peel on my walls, which is nice in cardstock (especially hazard), but not so nice for putting up intricate vinyl things like that.

i'm so glad you're going to cha.