Thursday, July 24, 2008

on the stands now

mini albums in an evening! what a great special issue. if you haven't picked up a copy, you can order one here. this issue makes me want to just do mini-albums all the time. so many great design ideas! i have an album in the issue that is from this past thanksgiving. the album means a lot to me as it's the first time my brother, sister and i had been together in one place in years. do you have this issue? what is your favorite album?


Lisa said...

I don't usually buy these types of publications but I have to admit I am a it of minialbum fan so I'll definitely be checkin it out!

Séverine said...

Oh I so wish I'll receive mine soon! I'm sure this special issue is fantastic!
I'm looking forward to see you mini Celeste.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your album in this issue, Celeste. It's such a fun, easy-to-do idea for family gatherings. Thanks for including it in the issue, and thanks for making this nice post!