Wednesday, September 03, 2008

design your life

i did it. i signed up for design your life at big picture scrapbooking. i've been wavering back and forth, but cathy finally convinced me. ok so she didn't personally email me or call me to say hey celeste you should sign up. but she keeps posting layout sneaks on her blog that are just too compelling for me to handle. on top of all that my cathy-worship is unparalleled and to be able to learn from greatness - well i was sucked in. so let me know if you are taking the class as well - i'd love to be able to discuss it with you!


Diane said...

Hi Celeste
Yes I signed up to learn from the master too! Looking forward to it all starting!!
Diane Herman

Anonymous said...


i am so busy i barely have time to scrap, let alone stalk your blog or 2 peas, but ever since i saw she was offering a class i've been wavering back and forth..i too have always worshipped her work so i'm sure i'll end up taking it too!

Ann (cvincent)

Mary Jo said...

I actually just signed up last night and printed up the downloads today :0)
I posted a thread about it at Studio Calico hoping we could have support threads there.
I think it's going to be fantastic! :0)