Friday, September 12, 2008

treading water

ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are treading water? that's been my week. my little guy had a fever virus for six days - that's six days of waiting on him hand and foot - getting up in the night to give him motrin etc. i'm pooped. the bigger one started homework this week - he's in second grade - i might be naive but an hour of homework plus 20 minutes of reading seems like a lot. my poor boy!

so long story olde blog is getting a little dusty and the links are piling up. so without further ado some ideas for you...

ali had a great post on using recycled materials
cute magnets from angry chicken
here's a bunch of free clip art
covering textbooks with pretty paper from martha
downloadable designs for printing your own notecards at etsy
glueless paper chains - how fun!
free printable patterns - love the fish!
i need to do this! oh how i wish ikea were closer
a postage stamp font - very cool
five embroidery stitches - i've always wanted to learn blanket stitch
another cute paper purse
oilcloth pocket board from martha - i think you could make this out of paper covered chipboard
a pop up card
cool photo cube

phew - see what i mean too many links stored up!


Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel- been so busy with school meetings, work, homework, etc, etc, ugh!!! No time to blog at all...I'm still trying to finish my CZ page, it's been sitting there 1/2 done for 2 days now. :(

Hope your little dude is feeling better soon, and that you can relax a bit! Great links, I am so making that frame Ikea thing!

Candice said...

:( hang in there! Love the frame idea & that clipart site is packed. Thx for the links!

~Amie~ said...

HUGS! Hope you can get all rested this weekend!!

Alina Brito said...

thank you for the links ;)

Anonymous said...

I always love the linkies. =)

Dina said...

I'm treading water, but only with one

peg manrique said...

you always have the coolest links! hope the little guy's better. and i hear ya on the homework...third grade is even worse, UGH!