Friday, January 28, 2011

the great race

february 1st is fast approaching, which means it's almost time for the great scrapbook race. we haven't had one since last february. essentially doris sander, paula gilarde, and i race to see who can complete the most projects during a one month period. there is no prize - just the joy of being able to call yourself a winner and of course the thrill of completing a bunch of projects in one month.

typically, doris calls the rules calvin ball and she makes them up as we go. this time around we'd like to welcome you all to join us, so we're making the rules a little more concrete. layouts and projects of any size will count for one point each. cards and mini-album pages will count for a half point each.

you don't have to post your work, but we'd love to see some of it if you're playing along. we will be posting much of ours in the jbs mercantile flickr gallery . at the end of the month we'll have some random drawings . . . the more you post the more chances you will have to win!


Cindy said...

Where should we post links to our projects? Not that I will probably get much done - I have been knitting obsessed lately - but it could happen.

*Paula* said...

And Doris can change the rules whenever, right? Just checking. I need to have some kind of leverage ;)

JgWM said...

so how does this work?

Unknown said...

Um, is there any contest? I'd love to play, but I'd be eating your dust. ;p