Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOAD212 complete!

today was the last day of LOAD212 with lain. i did 29 layouts for this class in february. 29 straggler stories told. i was able to close out my may, june, july and august 2011 list of stories. it was a lot of fun and a great community to participate in. she's doing it again in may so watch for that.

if you'd like a closer view, you can view the flickr set here. note i used a lot of templates and older kits that i had downloaded, but had never been able to play with. i also scrapped a lot of not so great photos because i wanted to save the memories regardless. this was a fabulous stress free way to create. i really enjoyed it and hope to participate again in may! 


Patrice~ said...

oh. em. geeee. such beautiful, beautiful creations, celeste. ps: can i sit next to you at your next crop?? i promise i'll flush the potty ;-)

Stacia said...

I love love love these, Celeste! I would take quick page packet of the whole lot and pay you a fortune for it. :D Ok, I guess I'll just have to take my inspiration from them instead. I'll never get around to scraplifting them all but I would love to!

Unknown said...

Great layouts! Well done! I just now checked my blog and saw that I had won the LOAD contest from you a few weeks ago. Oops. I am sorry for not replying before now! My computer totally crashed and I have only just now claimed my daughter's computer as my 'new' computer. Sigh.