Saturday, February 11, 2012

second saturday for february

i committed to 12 photos on the second saturday of each month in 2012. i can't do the 12th - most months i sit at my desk all day that day. so today was second saturday and my boys are away for the weekend skiing. my second second saturday without them! next month i'm hoping they are around - easier to find things to photograph.

left to right from the top:
oh my morning hair! look at all that grey growing out!
keurig - yum!
slight dusting of snow this morning
mail - piles of mail
my desk - i spent  a great deal of time here today
trying on clothes at lands end/sears
the fuzzies at target - cute
starbuck's - a saturday treat - the new blonde coffee is yum!
grocery shopping - excited about the pretzel chips
listened to the newest episode of the digi show
sneakers for my daily walk

and that's my second saturday!


Jennifer9024 said...

I love the second Saturday of each month because now I get to see into the life of one of my favorite people!!

I think you should do this every day!! That's because I want to see you all the time, and this is the only way I can right now.


Your pictures almost inspire me to get out my camera and try this...almost. (I don't because I'm too lazy)

LauraT. said...

I am addicted to those pretzel chips, and not just the regular flavor. Enjoy!