Thursday, October 05, 2006

random thoughs

boy i haven't been good about keeping this up. of course few people if any are reading so i guess it isn't like anyone will be upset. ha!

tonight is an awesome tv night. survivor and grey's - i'd like to be able to watch ugly betty too but the kids hinder our ability to watched he beginning of an 8 o'clock show no matter how hard we try they don't go to sleep until 8:15 pm minimum.

i'd also like to get my last cactus pink layout done, all the layouts scanned and emailed off to candy. we'll see. this weekend is all about american crafts! i hope to get my two layouts done. then i'll just be waiting on my scrapgal box to work on my layouts for the newsletter - i have to write an article as well around the theme of comfort. anyone have any ideas? i really don't want to do get out of your comfort zone - i just don't feel like creating something out of my comfort zone. lol the title could be getting comfortable with _________ - fill in the blank. times like this i wish i was a technique scrapper. i always struggle with newsletter topics. ugh. maybe handwriting? i don't do enough of it because i don't really like mine. could be interesting. not sure if anyone has done that before. hmmm.

i'm at work. bored again. might have another job opportunity. don't want to jinx it but cross your fingers for me. maybe tomorrow i'll work from home. my boss isn't here - i could tell her boss today. we'll see.

ear infection is finally better but the chronic cough is back. i should call the allergist today about the methacoline challenge to detect asthma. might do that now.

lovely fall day today. i'm headed outside to get some lunch and enjoy the weather for a bit. have a great thursday everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on Blue Media!!!! no doubt you are on fire
Sara Dickey