Saturday, December 02, 2006


i'm leaving that rak open for a week or so. So post on the thread below. it won't be a random rak - it will be specified to your tastes. so i'll be asking you questions about what you like if you win.

the lady at the crop was thrilled. i arrived first and she came after. i told her i had a box in the car and she could have it - but she had to take the whole box and I didn't want anything back. :) she said you've made my month. it made me feel good. and best part more room in my studio. yay!

i was able to complete 12 layouts - well almost - some brads and finishing touches. nothing pub-worthy mind you. just getting stuff done. i feel energized. and best part they are going to do this once a month! yay!

ok i have to stop procrastinating and clean this room so maybe i can finish up those layouts tonight.


Anonymous said...

12 layouts in one night?????!! My jaw is one the floor, seriously! I am happy if I can get 1 or 2 done in an evening, and that's on a good night, LOL. Amazing.

It must have felt SO good to make that woman's month.. kind of an Oprah moment for you, huh? ;) Love that!


Anonymous said...

Honestly....12 layouts, I'm not surprised but still impressed! are so organized.

Where are you cropping? I'd love to stop in some time and join you!

Anonymous said...

You are always so creative Celeste. I've never been in a crop unfortunetely but I think that I won't be able to scrap 12 Los in one evening ! Can't wait to see them ;)

You are also so sweet and kind for the ladie at the crop : this is something she will never forget I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

12 layouts??? you're a machine! I don't think I get 12 layouts done in a month, LOL!

Vee said...

I wish I could do that many in one night!!