Sunday, April 20, 2008

monday inspiration a little early

photo by jessica from how about orange

your inspiration for monday comes at you a day early because i am out of commission tomorrow with a surgical procedure. nothing serious - more like a test - wish me luck.

how can you not love a blog that has the name how about orange? i love orange and i love jessica's blog. jessica jones is a graphic designer and she is crafty too. she made those cute paper butterflies that i think would look adorable on a page. jessica provides a template for the butterflies, but i know a bunch of you have butterfly punches. you can see more of jessica's crafty ideas here.


Unknown said...

I *heart* Jessica's blog, read it everyday. She's awesome. :)
Good luck tomorrow, I will be thinking of you my friend. xox

~Amie~ said...

fun stuff! hope it goes well today!

Denise said...

good luck today Celeste! thinking about you even from the far northwest! love the blog and the butterflies!!

Lea L. said...

Those are so cute!!