Saturday, January 03, 2009

oops - my resolutions

i didn't post my resolutions on the previous thread. oops. i also forgot to post this last week. oops.

the sneaks for the january freehand scraps kit. the layout above is one i did using the kit, you can check out the rest here.

if you can't read the type, my resolutions are...
  • eat healthier
  • lose weight
  • exercise
  • spend more time with the boys
  • clean and organize more (this one pertains to my studio mostly. i need to purge!)

here's hoping i accomplish at least one of those things!


Denise said...

Happy New Year Celeste!

Anonymous said...

LOVED your layouts Celeste, they were all amazing!

Heidi Stork said...

Thanks for sharing the layouts here on the ol' blog! Love them!


i {heart} papers said...

I just did a bunch of that purging and cleaning today. You can see my before/after shots here:

It's a little painful at the time but it feels SO great afterwards!

Good luck!!