Thursday, March 15, 2007

on childhood fads and other assorted garbage

well shandy over at scrapgal is hosting a blog challenge this month. presenting us with all sorts of interesting topics to discuss. today's topic is "tell us about a fad you had to be a part of." if i wasn't so lazy i'd go dig out a picture. at the time the fad was called the bi-level haircut nowadays we'd just call it a mullet and move on. absolutely horrific looking and maybe i'll dig out a picture and scan it in.

in other news i made it to the next round of mm idol and lucky me i get to stress about the next project for the rest of the week. thanks for voting and check it out again on monday.


Anonymous said...

I had a mullet too. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I actually had one in my graduation photo from college. Ah, history documented!

Anonymous said...

You know I will bug you until you dig out that pic and scrap it. :p

And your entry is spectacular, so don't sweat it. Love you!


Shandy said...

picture.. picture (yes.. I'm chanting!)

plus just wanted to say CONGRATS again about the next level of MM!