Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a site that i found recently that i enjoy

i was looking around for inspiration the other day and found this blog that really spoke to me. of course, i have no sense of personal style and my house is blah. however, i could see some fabulous color schemes and design here to inspire my scrapbooking. also, the list of other blogs and sites that are listed is fabulous as well.

on another note mm idol voting is still on today. so go vote!

last night i stopped at michael's and picked up some storage. unfortunately i can't find a vertical cropper hopper to save my life. i was able to get some embroidery boxes and those cute $1 acrylic stamps they have right now. when i returned home, i helped dh put the boys to bed and put away 40 containers of american crafts brads. i also was able to replace a couple of containers that had fallen apart recently. a great accomplishment. see what a cup of coffee after work will do? now if i only felt like scrapping!


Melissa said...

Very cool blog.

GL with MMidol!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the midst of re-decorating my living room as you know, so that is a good link. :) I wish it was easier to put it all together but I get so stressed over it- drapes, pillows, wall colour- argh! we bought the couch (yay!) so that's a great starting point. My next venture on Saturday will be to look for fabrics for pillows in avocado-ish green and a bone colour too. I am going modern this time around. Sleek. And kicking the kids out of there, no sticky fingers allowed!
I think your vase would go perfectly in my new living room if you want to part with it. ;)

I'm also in the organizing mood- I just ordered the Craftmate brad thing-y at work today and will soon be doing some sorting of my many AC brads too. :)

And I'm rather long-winded tonight, huh? :p


Anonymous said...

oh that michaels. it's a bad bad place.

Shandy said...

that IS a cool site! lots of design inspiration! so glad I checked it out :)

Sonia said...

Do you have a hobby lobby nearby? They carry the cropper hopper vertical storage.

Anonymous said...

I love that site, thanks for the the link

also Target is now carrying the CH, I have a ucky T and THEY had them