Friday, September 01, 2006

feel like a dodged a bullet

today was an interesting day. i woke up not feeling so hot. the vertigo is back with a vengeance - not lasted most of the day and i almost feel nauseous from it.

adam started school for real today. i dropped him off at the before school program and he met the teachers and students. he was great about shaking everyone's hand and saying hi. he even looked the adults in the eye - a hard thing for a little guy. the director was so impressed - she said she couldn't believe he was a kindergartner! she called later to offer us a spot in the afterschool program - she said "adam's a doll." my boy - a doll! anyhow, by moving him into the program we end up saying a lot of money not having to bus him to another program. i'm thrilled - we even were able to get a refund for the membership and what not at the other program.

the rest of adam's day may as well not have happened. he had absolutely no details to share. oh he went outside and kicked a ball around. he ate lunch. that's it. even asking him 100 questions didn't help he doesn't remember anything!

sam is really upset that adam isn't at pre-school with him anymore. he keeps asking for him. there is underwear in sam's immediate future - i'm psyched wouldn't it be great if i could get him trained for tuesday??

i had an mri this morning. i have been getting frequent migraines and this vertigo coupled with sinus pain. having an mri is not fun. that tube is awful. i closed my eyes the entire half hour i was in there and tried to visualize the rooms in my childhood house.

the mri showed my brain was normal. well at least it looks normal - goodness knows that my brain probably needs a little shrinking! the only problem was what the doctor called sinus disease - i think it's just an infection so i'm on stronger antibiotics and hopefully it will help with the vertigo as well. feel like i dodged a big old cancerous bullet.

after dinner we went to target. how come i can't restrain myself at target? we spent $182 plus bought adam a $50 video game. $182 got us...
* 21 pairs of underwear for sam - we are starting potty training this weekend as requested by his teachers. hence the large number - we have to leave 10 pairs at least at daycare on tuesday.
* two pairs of pjs for adam
* one sweatshirt for sam
* one sweatshirt for me
* pair of sneakers for sam
* 6 glass jars for buttons
* a cute little notebook to alter
* a really cool frame (on sale) that i'm going to alter for poppy ink - it's magnetic and oh wait until you see it.
* hair dye - you didn't think i was this non-grey did you?
* one large container of laundry detergent
* 4 shirts for adam for school
* 24 cheap pens
* 3 bags candy (potty treats - and i know it's not right - i tried to bribe him with little dinosaurs - nothing doing the kid won't go unless there are treats - for now.)
i think that's it. doesn't seem like much but it adds up quick.

i feel icky so i didn't scrap tonight. i did take all of the cricut cartridges out of their plastic - i hope to play with it some tomorrow! fun stuff.

ok so i wrote a novel. :p

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Anonymous said...

Celeste i was wondering why youre not bloggin yet..So happy that you are...I am so dreading this potty training stuff!!