Thursday, September 21, 2006


well i just read the hof rules for this year and i am not feeling a spark. i'm sitting this year out. i just don't have it in me and i'm super busy with commitments. i also don't think i'm scrappin' at that level and the idea i had for hof this year does not fit the rules so i'm not going to pursue it. good luck to all of you who enter.

on the homefront, adam is reading - i bought him the dick and jane books this past weekend and we've read all 12 of them together. i'm so excited for him and he's just too cute reading - all proud,. i'll have to get a picture of him. bad lighting at night though lol.

sam is feeling much better - thanks to all of you for the thoughts and concern. he's running around and having fun - he had a great time at school today.

terry is waiting for me to watch survivor- we taped it. so fun to watch grey's this evening. i thought it was a little bit of a nothing episode - seems the canucks watched episode two go figure.

work stinks. i am really unhappy - cross your fingers that something better happens soon.

finished my provo craft projects for memory trends tonight. they turned out pretty good. if you are at memory trends go to the provo craft booth and take a look. mine are the road trip themed layouts. there is one of me at 21 leaning up against dh's bus - very cute. i'm so thin. sigh.

ok more later. bye.


Anonymous said...

I think the big contests are slowing down a bit, people are realizing you don't need the title to be good at what you do and just enjoy the process, right? Good for you for having your priorities straight!

Anonymous said...

i hear ya on the hof, those things can be so draining. glad your little guy's feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

So what did you think of last night's Survivor? I think I have you to thank -- I have a new obsession. We'll have to compare notes at the Garden.

I bet Adam is really enjoying those books, I love when they are first learning to read and they just want to "swallow up" every book after that.